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Tattooed, good-looking Colton Grey ran into his sister’s boyfriend, Pierce Paris, in the kitchen, and was instantly suspicious about the tall, athletic hunk. Muscular Colton caught him standing outside his shower, and quickly advised his sister that he mi
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His car broken down on the side of the road, shaved-headed Max Duran is happy to see passerby Jim Baxter. The built stranger drives Max to a country home, but the two never make it inside—embracing each other as the taller Jim pins Max against a ladder. Max can’t control himself, diving on Jim’s hairy pecs before blowing his sizable cock. After rubbing their cocks together, the tattooed Jim deepthroats his bud as spit forms on Max’s meat. The two head inside, where Max bends over for some expert ass service. After eating the bottom, Jim gives a deep fuck caught in great close-ups before the two shoot.
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TitanMen exclusive Rick van Sant calls his building’s maintenance man (TitanMen exclusive François Sagat) to repair his stove while he’s busy at work. Knowing what a major power-bottom Rick is, François snoops around and finds a dishwasher filled with Rick’s sex toys. Intrigued, he picks a long, thick black one, peels out of his workmen’s jumpsuit, hops on the granite countertop, and slowly pokes the tip of the fat toy into his hungry, muscled ass while stroking his hard cock. Standing against the counter, he probes the plug deeper and deeper into his butt, moaning in ecstasy, oblivious to the fact that his co-worker Max Schutler is watching him while jerking on his own uncut cock. Max gives François a hand with his new toy before hungrily swallowing François’s cock. François drops to his knees and sucks down Max’s cock until Max blows his load all over his furry chest. After François shoots his own load, he pulls two cold beers out of the fridge and grabs some ice cubes, which they pour and rub on each other’s taut torsos. Soon, they unleash a torrent of hot piss onto each other. They move into the bedroom where François buries his face into Max’s tight ass, getting it ready for the pounding he’s about to deliver. After drilling him from behind, François flips Max onto his back and slams his ass until they both shoot their loads again.
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