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Dustin Powers, Jaxon Ryder and Chandler Scott are up early for some morning sex, hopefully these boys all came with morning wood…but if not, theyll get each other hard without a problem in this hot threesome!, They get straight to it, stripping down and Chandler lucks out, getting both Jaxon and Dustins mouth around his cock right off the bat! One plays with Chandlers balls while the other sucks his dick, and then they decide to share the pleasure and Chandler gives Dustin some oral while still receiving it from Jaxon., Chandler shows off his expertise by doing double duty, sucking Jaxons dick while he jerks off Dustin, then puts both of those hard cocks in his mouth and goes down on those boys with some serious skill!, But Chandler cant be doing all the work, so they form a circle and each get a dick to suck until theyre hard and ready to start fucking…and it looks like Dustin is up to bottom first! Jaxon slowly enters him from behind while Dustin and Chandler 69, then its Jaxon and Chandler 69ing while Dustin fucks Chandler raw., When its time for a whole new position, Jaxon is the one finally getting his ass stretched by Dustins curved bareback prick while Dustin gets a mouthful of Chandlers fat cock., Jaxon is the first to
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Chandler Scott is here for his first bottoming experience, and Brody Lasko is the lucky guy who gets to take this hotties virgin ass!, But before they can start fucking, of course they have to get warmed up first, and their deep kisses are sure to get the blood rushing., As they make out, Brody takes off Chandlers shirt and runs his hand over his body and down to his cock, massaging it through Chandlers shorts before those come off next and Brody has his face between Chandlers legs! Brody pulls Chandlers dick in and out of his wet mouth, using his hand on the shaft and his tongue on the tip as he sucks Chandler until hes hard., Next is Chandlers turn to give oral and by the expression on Brodys face, hes pretty damn good at it!, Chandler sucks Brodys dick until its hard enough to pound Chandlers ass, and thats exactly what he does next as he gets Chandler on the bed and buries his dick between Chandlers ass. For his first time bottoming, Chandler takes that cock well, letting Brody direct him while he gets his sore ass pounded harder and harder!, Brody sure isnt gentle on this newbie, he fucks him hard until he makes him
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Dustin Powers and Justin Riggs certainly arent strangers, in fact, these two studs have actually done a scene together before at a different studio. That little fact is why were skipping Dustins oral scene and taking him straight to the fucking! But that doesnt make it any easier on them when we ask them to start off with some passionate kissing…but they eventually overcome their hesitation and lock lips. After making out for a while they strip down and 69, with Dustin underneath Justin, eating his ass out and rimming that tight hole while Justin sucks and slurps on Dustins huge dick. These guys couldnt get any harder if they tried, and that makes it the perfect time for Dustin to stick his dick into Justin! Justin takes it slow as he straddles Dustin and gently sits on his dick, but as he gets it deeper its clear that curved cock is hard to take and Justin moans as he finally gets it all the way in. Dustin is looking to fuck his bottom a little harder and gets Justin on his back, legs spread and cock in hand while Dustin pounds away raw at that fine ass. When Dustin is about to
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